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Non-Integrated Systems Cause Problems – Get a System that's Built for Dealerships – Grow Your Net Profit.

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Have you come to just accept the hassles of the status quo when it comes to payment processing?

Your accounting department spends
hours reconciling payments.

Your customers are still standing
in line to pay for service.

Some customers want a "Touchless Process",
but you don't really have a good solution.

You have multiple locations, and they are all
on a separate portal or system.

Are you tired of the hassles of working
with a non-integrated payment system?

Your dealership is still using a terminal, which
is the least efficient most expensive way to take payments.


15 minute call so you can see if an integrated system is worth pursuing.


You get to see the ins and outs of how it works, ask questions and see if it is a good fit for your dealership.


Have you up and going in hours and your team trained in a few days.

The Resource to Make Your Dealership Run Smoother, More Efficient and More Profitable.

What is the value of every hour wasted?

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Through the use of PayMaple and their integrated solution, I am now able to better assist the customers in my service department. Using PayMaple allowed me to turn each service advisor into a cashier, which lowered the customer handoff, which in turn has led to higher CSI scores. We are also able to expedite the closing of RO's for service advisors by leveraging the secured tools PayMaple has developed.
Service Director - Leading North American Lexus store

Service Director - Leading North American Lexus store

Our relationship with PayMaple has improved our accounting and reconciliation practices across our multi-location dealer group. Reconciliation across 20+ rooftops has gone from 3-4 days to 1-2 hours. Taking advantage of an integrated solution such as PayMaple's has allowed for us to reallocate FTE's and improve our workflows. Leveraging PayMaple's payment license and expertise has also allowed us to save a significant amount of money to our bottom line.
Comptroller - Super 20 Group Member

Comptroller - Super 20 Group Member

Does your dealership have a proven, integrated payment system so your people have more time to focus on revenue building task instead of tedious mundane tasks that don't make money?

If you don't, you are losing profits because of higher fees on your transactions and wasted labor cost.

With PayMaple and CDK's partnership, you'll experience an easier, more efficient way of doing business.


Did we mention your customer's will love it!


You will keep about $20,000 to $40,000 more profit for every $1 Million in transactions!

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What do you get with PayMaple?

Average dealer cuts processing cost 12% to 15%.

Reconciling time from 30 hours to 2 hours.

30-to 50 BPS in transaction cost savings.

ExpressPay – Pay by Text system that allows the customer to pay on their phone.

Increase CSI = Better Experiences lead to higher retention, higher sales and repeat sales on your showroom.

One portal for all locations – Insights into your business from a high-level to individual users.

Automation – When payment is processed, RO is closed and posted in accounting.

Our Mission

We exist to solve all these problems and to help dealerships get more control over their business using technology and automation.